Predators (2010)

If Urkel seems like an odd choice, well, ALF and V.I.C.I. are also there. Everyone else was still filming The Expendables.

There’s a list of problems that this movie has. It’s not a very short list. But they’re not very big problems, either, because you know what? This movie kicks the shit out of every Predator movie since Predator. And the list of Predators‘ surprises that I really enjoyed is also a long list.

For those reasons, I can let all of the weird little disappointments slide. They don’t matter as much when you can plainly see that this movie was made by someone who loved Predator. This movie works pretty damn well on that level, even though some choreography and the final act of the movie didn’t really live up to my hopes. Whoops, backhanded compliment.

Predators is a very neat action movie, full of a cast that does VERY well for itself (Yes! Even Adrien Brody! …Especially Adrien Brody, for that matter), and it’s not like any of the small failures infesting the last third of the movie are complete bullshit (Except for the awful CG explosion that kicks it off. I’m putting my foot down on that one). I don’t think anyone is going to be disappointed by this one, unless they didn’t even like the first Predator movie.

And, who knows? Maybe if this is a hit, they’ll be able to really service the fanboys and do another Predator sequel with the cast of The Expendables, set on the Predator homeworld, written by someone with a bit of a finer eye for details and payoffs, filmed by James Cameron. No offense, Robert Rodriguez — you’ve certainly done Predator proud. You can hold your head high.

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