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Chris Vanette is a blah blah blah, and so on.

Hey, you two! Here’s a place to stick author bios. If you don’t want an author bio, I’m QUITE WILLING to continue making up dumb stuff for ya’ll. Also, Chris, you’re gonna need a bio avatar that fits in around here! Unless you have an objection. Anyway, tell me whatcha want, when you get a minute (So, sometime in mid-November? Lots of laughs, good times).

Alias: “No, I’m Not That Chris. I’m a Different Chris”

Ben Yackshaw and his pal Mugman, they loved to play the dice. By chance they came ‘pon the Devil’s game, and gosh they paid the price. Paid the price! And now they’re fighting for their lives on a mission fraught with dread, and if they proceed but don’t succeed, well…

The Devil will take their heads.

Alias: “Sven”

Johnny Johnson is a dictionary verbose typing words block chunk here text not wrapping around image for some reason typing some more however to get a big chunk going come on image why won’t the text wrap around you this is pretty lame but I can probably figure out how to do this unless that’s not actually supported in which case I can just write the HTML for it because that’s lots of fun and quick to do sure why not but let’s hope that doesn’t happen monkey barf banana robot machine technique cellar door rapscallion the hip-hop scallion. Hey look at that, this is what I wanted it to look like! Nice.

Alias: “Jai”