The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015)

Mockingjay 2 CLEAN

JAI: Hey, it’s still a cut above all the other Young Adult book-based movie series.

Although this entire series, all along, has been PRETTY CLOSE to being something really worthwhile and interesting, this movie is just as stunted as any of the rest (For all of the same reasons). It’s unable to fully deliver on its own clear potential, but it does an OK job of getting close enough for it to really not matter. Movies are like hand grenades, after all. “Sorta close” is the only goal worth working toward. Throw it out there and wait for the explosion of money!

I mean, sure, this movie was fine? It was as good (And also, as not-as-good-as-it-seems-it-easily-could’ve-been-when-you-consider-the-talent-involved-and-the-nearly-great-story-setting) as all of the other movies in the series. You will get what you’ve come to expect from a Hunger Games movie: Confusing action that goes back and forth between incomprehensible (For the shock factor!) and cool (For the cool factor!), a perfect setting for some morality tales about society and people (Tales that are largely thwarted by the pacing, editing, and confusing action), and an amazingly-talented cast of incredible actors who aren’t really used for much. I hope you’re ready for the real deal love angsty triangle drama, though! It’s finally fully-formed, in this, the final movie!

SVEN: I agree with much of what you have said. This series feels stunted. You want it to be so much better than it is. The movies very often feel like they’re one scene away from breaking through and transcending into greatness. The world showcased is brilliant… yet I can’t help thinking that the story they chose to focus on is the least interesting one that could have occurred within it. The characters aren’t especially compelling either. (Has there ever been a less interesting love triangle? Which bland, personality-less, central-casting dropout will she choose?!)

Still, I appreciate the series for bringing the idea of third world problems to a large, mainstream audience. Unfortunately, I think that’s where our relationship begins/ends. (In fact, I was actively using this as an excuse to enjoy the movie whileI was watching it.)

Two notes specific to Mockingjay 2:

1. I liked that they focused on a small commando group and didn’t end the series with a BIGGER, LOUDER conflict than what we’d previously seen.

2.The Aliens-style tunnel sequence was cool. It probably would have been better if they used made-up stuntmen instead of CG zombies, but in 2015 that budget gotta spend, y’know?

CHRIS: At the end of it all, this movie was fine. It was a reasonable action movie. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it*, it kept my attention throughout, the characters were decent, there was some good action, so on and what have you. Overall, it’s not a really memorable movie, and looking back, Mockingjay should have been one film instead of two (looking at both movies, 75% of Part 1 was superfluous). I know it was following the books and money/marketing would never allow a missed opportunity to split a movie based on a franchise, but from a pure artistic standpoint, it was a mistake to try and make Mockingjay two different movies.

*The ending was stupid. I did hate that.

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