A Ghost Story (2017)

Is life just a game? Then why is it so hard? Is there really a screen after Game Over, or are there only glitches? It’s like they say: When you hit a wall, Pac-God adds another wall to make it into a corner.

Director: David Lowery
Writer: David Lowery
Starring: Casey AffleckRooney Mara

The pacing is always deliberate and often slow, the visuals tend to be plain and stark  (But gripping), the music is fantastic (Haunting in a sweet, painful way that emotes both love and misery), and the story is something I haven’t seen before — told in a way that’s also unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s almost not even worth mentioning the performances, because this film is all about the story-telling. You can’t really “act” with a sheet over your face, but GODDAMN can this movie tell a story with it. It sounds like a gimmick, and a poor one at that… but it works so well that it transcends gimmickry, becoming a brilliant filmmaking device.

It’s difficult to describe what might resonate with you about this film. It handles very emotionally dense themes of loss and detachment, the incredible and terrifying nature of this universe we inhabit, and the indescribable feeling of being unable to move on. And it does all of this by having a terrible, boring man stand around with a sheet over his head.

When the credits rolled, I took off my glasses without quite knowing why. Then I bawled my eyes out; good thing my glasses were off. Admittedly, this movie is hitting me while I am particularly vulnerable to what happens in it. But… I think, as humans, we are all vulnerable to the message that was carefully squirreled away inside this masterpiece. That sentence will make more sense after you’ve, uh, seen the movie.

Verdict: A boring and awful man with a sheet over his head just portrayed the most genuine-feeling ghost I’ve ever seen. This movie is both surreal and realistic; deep, and simple. If that sounds intriguing, then check it out! Be prepared to spend some time with it.


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