Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman CLEAN

Unless you count LEGO Batman, this might be my favorite superhero joint of the last ten years. You can actually have fun at this movie without feeling insulted! There’s a lot to like here. I like the Wonder Woman and Chris Pine characters. I like that the action sequences begin and end in a reasonable amount of time (these movies tend to bludgeon their audience with unending punch-fests). I like that (save for a letter from Batman), no other superheroes get shoehorned into the proceedings. I like that the story comes in a self-contained arc where people grow and change, and concrete things actually happen (as opposed to the rote, episodic begin-and-end-in-the-same-place story structure Marvel has perfected).

Of course, I stop short of calling this a great movie. The cornball premise is hard to get past (an island of supermodel chicks on horses), and I struggle with the superhero stuff (all the jumping and punching just seems so dumb, uninteresting, and ludicrous to me). The characters and chemistry between Pine and WW make up for it, though.

Speaking of Pine, I find it interesting that he seems to dominate this movie (or at least share it 50/50 with WW). I don’t think of this as a flaw, as all of his material works very well, but it’s a bold and interesting choice with all the outside expectations the world will inevitably heap on a movie called “Wonder Woman” in 2017.

Also! I like that this PG-13 blockbuster acknowledges that sex is a real thing people do. And the main characters totally get down! For fun! I dig it.

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