Sound Bytes 34: Guardians of the Galaxy, Snowpiercer, Gone Girl, Interstellar, The Hunger Games 3 (1)

Sound Bytes 34 from Byting Reviews on Vimeo.

Our heroes attempt to make up for lost time by reviewing a selection of movies dating back to the summer:

00:00-06:53 Guardians of the Galaxy

06:53-13:44 Snowpiercer

13:44-24:53 Gone Girl

24:53-32:21 Interstellar

32:21-37:56 The Hunger Games 3 (1)



  1. Snowpiercer is an impressive, well-crafted, well-done and entertaining movie that is also intriguing and interesting, thematically and visually, as well. This is also an impressive English-language debut from Joon-ho Bong. Chris Evans leads a brilliant cast of actors. This is (or was) one of the best films of the summer and of the year, as well. This is also one of the best sci-fi / action films in recent memory, as well, too.

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