Trollhunter (2011)


When evaluating basketball talent, NBA scouts like to endorse players who do at least one thing (rebound, shoot, pass, defend) extremely well. Knowing a player’s strengths and on-court identity are key to projecting production at the next level. Great college rebounders become great professional rebounders. Meanwhile, the players with balanced-but-unspectacular skillsets are sometimes overlooked. Players like Trollhunter (a Norwegian found-footage monster movie, acclaimed by many as one of the coolest genre films of 2011).

Trollhunter does a lot of things. It’s part horror, part fantasy, part thriller, part genre-spoof, and part environmental allegory. Unfortunately, the movie does not commit hard enough to any one of those elements, and this lack of specialization undermines any possible visceral reaction the viewer might have (which is often the key to enjoying a genre film). As a result, the movie just kind of sits on the screen. This is a shame, because the setting/premise is relatively original.

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