The Beaver (2011)


Oh Lordy, I forgot to post my thoughts on this film.

Was it good? Yeah, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as amazing as it could have been, but the story was unique, so I give it credit for that. It is ostensibly a drama, but I laughed at a number of scenes, intentionally; I mean, the guy has a beaver puppet on his hand and it talks in an Australian accent, how great is that? I think it’s the first time Mel has really given us a taste of his roots in a while.

Speaking of things we haven’t seen in a while, this is Jodie Foster’s first directing gig in 16 years, and she was superbly competent. Her directing won’t rank up there with the all time greats, but the story moved along quite well with her at the helm, and so props to her.

And while I’m handing out kudos to the story and the director, how can I neglect Mel Gibson? He may be part of the legion of crazy Hollywood types, but this man is a dependable actor, just shy of fantastic. What I mean is, if I made a list of my top ten actors, he would be #11. You dig me? #11 is good enough.

I recommend this film. The ending was a little hokey, and I felt like it became a bit too rushed (91 minutes wasn’t enough time to play with this concept), but the ideas are executed well by Foster (as actor and director), Gibson and company. There’s the same old, same old, and then there’s a film like The Beaver. You should give it a shot.


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