The Eagle (2011)


The Eagle is a would-be Roman epic set in England in which Channing Tatum kills a bunch of English peoples while looking for a golden Eagle that his father lost to the unknown lands behind Hadrian’s Wall some years ago.

It’s actually a somewhat interesting story, with Marcus Aquila (Tatum) embarking on a quest with his English slave as a guide beyond the wall. He goes alone because everyone else seems to realize that looking for a golden eagle really isn’t THAT important, but that’s okay. This is about adventure!

Unfortunately, the basic plot of the movie is where it stops being interesting. A nice bit of screen time with Donald Sutherland is not enough to bring any emotional weight to the film and without any good action sequences you find yourself not caring about Marcus’ quest either.

The film features a lot of close up shots and shaky cam during the action. Given it’s PG-13 rating I’m inclined to believe a more interesting movie was shot and then toned down significantly by the studio heads involved in the production. Occasionally you might see glimpses of excellent choreography and a little blood but you feel more like you’re playing Where’s Waldo than you are enjoying a movie.

I’m a sucker for the Roman epic, but I’m afraid I’ll just have to stick with Ben-Hur and Gladiator if I want to watch a good movie.

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