Boondock Saints (1999)


Boondocks Saints originally bombed at the box office but picked up in the video rental market. I can see why it has become a cult favorite, since it basically features vigilantes doling out justice, one of America’s favorite movie hero themes.

There are a few places this film falls short. Willem Dafoe’s performance is very odd, and worth seeing if you enjoy quirky roles, but it doesn’t necessarily mesh with the rest of the tone of the movie, and his character ultimately goes nowhere.

The Irish-American protagonists are certainly badasses, but the realism both of their exploits and of their lives in general strains credulity. I don’t remember what they do for a living, if it was even mentioned, but they are basically street urchins that live in a locker room.

Finally, “El Duce,” the big bad assassin referenced in my drawing, is more hype than substance. This would be okay, except there is a super secret about him that is so ridiculous it doesn’t even make sense. Well, I mean, I believe the movie when it tells me who he really is, but there are no hints to suggest it, and it’s kind of a silly reveal when the audience does find out who El Duce is.

Ultimately, though, if you like a film where people get shot in the head and religious imagery is kind of milked in ways that are puzzling, AND you don’t mind a really annoying sidekick, then you will enjoy your time with this motion picture.

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