Robin Hood (2010)


Oh, yeah, so, let me sum up my thoughts on this movie. It was a really enjoyable historical fiction /slash/ action film. It’s not a deep or thought provoking movie, although there was an interesting libertarian thread running through the fabric of this filmy quilt (funding war is bad, every man’s home is his castle, taxation is oppressive, liberty for every man, etc.).

However, this is a very unusual take on Robin Hood. You will recognize the characters, but this is a departure from the Robin Hood lore of yore. The mythos has been shaken, mixed, and tossed like a salad (a real salad, not like, you know, prison salad). Spoiler: Robin Hood didn’t even rob from the rich and give to the poor!

I like to see Hollywood try something different, but I actually enjoy Robin Hood. It would be like going to a Zorro film and Zorro has a gay brother. Okay, wait, that happened. But you know what I mean. Or do you? Let’s say it’s like buying a Batman comic, but Bruce Wayne is gone and Dick Grayson is Batman. Oh, wait, that happened, too. Son of a bitch!

Anyway, seeing as this movie is a set up for future films, I look forward to what else comes. Basically, I recommend this movie as a fun action thriller, but don’t expect Robin Hood.


  1. I had this made about two months ago, but then I wanted to tweak the picture…and that's why I must finish tasks while I still have that energy, because otherwise it's procrastination city, population: me.


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