Hancock (2008)

Two burritos and a cigarette lighter later, Hancock saved all life on Earth from himself yet again.

Do you see? Do you see? This is why Superman drinking a beer in Superman Returns was such a big deal. Nobody wants to see the shit that goes down when a limitlessly super-powered individual gets drunk or hungover. Their great power makes Peter Parker’s “great power” look downright dainty, so their great responsibility should be something so vast that even Spider-Man can’t fathom it.

This is what Hancock gets absolutely right. He’s depressed and reckless, and the world can’t stand him even though they think he is pretty cool. Superhero collateral damage is no laughing matter.

Then the movie goes horribly wrong, somewhere after the first half which is full of redeeming humor and what seems like a realistic solution to how everyone thinks Hancock is an asshole who deserves to be locked up (Because he is, and he does). We get thrown a twist in the storyline, at which point everything goes to hell because the filmmakers apparently decided they should stop putting any effort into having the movie be good. The twist itself was undesirable and stupidly coincidental (And carries the baggage of “explaining” Hancock’s origin, which is just shit), but everything that occurs afterwards just doesn’t make sense and snowballs into bad inexplicable situation after bad inexplicable situation. Completely random, completely inexplicable.

It’s really too bad that the premise and setup was so much fun. The movie didn’t need a crazy, expensive weather-controlling scene that literally (Yes, literally) happens for no reason. It didn’t need Hancock to be given a weakness that comes and goes to varying degrees purely at the whims of the director (Can he be shot now? Sure! Oh, but he can still knock a man THROUGH A WALL by throwing a candy bar at him. Later, let’s have a five-minute-long “death” scene that he overcomes for no particular reason!). He didn’t even need a forced arch-enemy (Just, well, a normal criminal. With all the super powers that you can naturally get from losing a hand) who is obviously not a threat and not even intelligent. The whole backstory issue (Which includes that “twist” which I am, for some reason, not bothering to explain to you) is the worst part of it all, because it ties into everything and manages to turn a smart movie with a lot of potential into a constant parade of stupidity.

I wouldn’t mind watching the first half again and I even recommend doing so – but when it gets to the part where they won’t stop throwing crap at the wall and hoping that some of it’ll stick, it’s time to cut your losses and stop wasting your time.


  1. What the hell is he drinking? It looks like I was thinking of Dos Equis when I was trying to draw malt liquor. I got flustered when I realized I couldn’t just draw some more red-and-white “Budweiser” cans.


  2. I agree. The first part of the movie was a good take on the deep and sometimes troubling life of being super hero; the dark path it could lead you down (Batman has nothing on Hancock!). I really wish they had stuck to that story line instead of the “twist”. Urgh! The second half of the movie is just awful, stupid and demeaning to the audience. This movie had so much potential. A bit surprising that Will Smith signed on for this one. <>**sigh**<>


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