Memento (2000)


Memento is a little movie that released back when the world ended in 2000. It’s one of those movies that received high critical praise but wasn’t marketed very well and so the likely-hood that you’ve never even heard of it is surprisingly high. You know the type.Now Memento is not an easy movie to review because a large part of its enjoyment is derived from the viewer experiencing the events unfold while unmitigated by biases or what someone has told them about it. As such, there is little to say beyond the fact that this movie is one of the most brilliant pieces of film I have ever seen in my entire life.Directed by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins), scripted by Christopher Nolan (The Prestige), and based on a story by Nolan’s brother Jonathan; Memento is not near as repetitive as the praise I’m trying to give the Nolan brothers. It is delivered with a unique style as it tells the exploits of a man suffering from Anterograde Amnesia. This factual condition means the main character, Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), cannot make new memories. And so Mr. Short Term Memory embarks on a journey to solve a murder case.That’s really already more than you should know. Please take my word for it and watch it if you haven’t. You will enjoy it. I guarantee it.


  1. Hahah, good call! Polaroids smudge like <>crazy<>.And he’s probably gonna regret his taste in tattoos in fifty years, too.


  2. My only regret was that I misspelled his name in the drawing and that I forgot to explain the Polaroid aspect of the movie in the review so now anyone who hasn’t seen the movie won’t really understand.I’m a failure. I’d better make a note of this so I don’t forget what I’ve learned.“Do not trust Jai.”


  3. Oh, I edit and re-upload my pictures here all the time. If “occasionally . . . okay, maybe five or six times, ever” is “all the time”.Which is sort of funny, considering the, er, nature of this site. I guess there’s just some sort of intangible difference between “mistakes I feel like fixing” and “mistakes I don’t feel like fixing” (Not to mention “things that aren’t technically mistakes” that either get written off or changed, depending on <>whim<>).It helps (Doesn’t help, rather – stupid ADD) that it’s so damn easy to go back into MSPaint and throw a “fix” together.


  4. Since everyone knows Momento is a fun movie, I’ll just point out that I noticed we have new links. The Penny Arcade logo looks like the Family Feud marquee.


  5. Yeah, I decided those PA guys have finally earned my respect and a link through their dedication and hard work. One day, they’ll be as cool as us. Starslip Crisis is also rather worth a look-see, if you have not looked-seen. Maybe, in a while, I’ll have to add Jump Leads and Good Ship Chronicles as well – but I don’t want to be too hasty.Also, I use this site to visit my most-loved webcomics. Yes, I’m too lazy to use bookmarks or whatever the favorites list is called on your web browser of choice. Next to be linked: Like three or four comics from the site. I would just make a single link that goes to T-X, but they’ve got some stinkeroos on there as well that I don’t want to trick all of our reader into visiting.And I am *not* re-doing the Beaver and Steve link just because he’s got a new artist now (I would have if I had been the new artist! Ok, probably not).Thus ends the Bi-Centennial Sidebar Links Update Report.


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