Iron Man (2008)

I love it when a robotic exoskeletal suit comes together!

If everyone hasn’t already thought of the uncanny connection between the A-Team’s crunch-time abilities and Tony Stark’s crunch-time abilities, well then, clearly not enough people possess a loose awareness of both.

But, seriously, did the guys holding Stark hostage honestly believe he couldn’t use the LIVE EXPLOSIVES and MISSILES they gave him to help bust himself out? I don’t think the A-team got batches of state-of-the-art missiles (It would have helped, since they had pretty bad aim with guns).

Iron Man. Another comic book series gets it’s first movie adaptation! And, lemme say, it’s a hell of a way to start this Marvel franchise off. It’s right on up there with the only good DC movie to date, Batman Begins. Somewhere between that and X-Men, anyway.

Iron Man may not strike you as the most interesting character to watch on screen for a couple of hours, but Robert Downey Jr. is. Perhaps a bigger fan of the comic books would have a different opinion, but I love what Downey brings to the table here. Iron Man is the smoothest womanizing smartass billionaire genius in the damn movies, thanks to him (Although the pool of “billionaire geniuses” to pick from is fairly minuscule, I suppose). His character, Tony Stark, is impossible to not like – an interesting feat, considering how much of a self-centered jerk he is.

The movie delivers quite a lot of action eye candy, too. The Iron Man suits mark pretty much the only superhero costumes I’ve seen in the movies that I would want to own (And when I say “I want to own the Hulk costume”, that means “I wish I could turn green and deflect bullets with my anger”). The way we get from Suit A to Suit B is nice, too, as Stark burns through prototypes (To the point where he has to fight his own movie’s climactic battle in a broken suit). Actually, that’s not all nice – Stark gets flung around like a rag doll on several occasions, enduring landings that would have struck him stone dead upon impact. I hate that shit, but it’s a pretty tiny part of the movie. The rest of the action is completely cool-looking! Ok, except for when Stark inexplicably crashes his suit through the ceiling of his parking garage. What was up with that? He was hovering a couple of feet above a meter of concrete or something, and the fall from that busts totally through his billion-dollar floor plan? I didn’t get that part. And the way the “evil” Iron Mannish suit (To avoid spoilers… ok, no, it’s because I’m lazy) flies is fucking hilarious-looking. Picture a coal-powered steam engine train travelling vertically and I suppose you’ll have the right idea.

So – main character, check. Action, check. The rest of the cast? Pretty good. Jeff Bridges plays the “Hard to dislike” Stark Enterprises corporate head nicely, Terence Howard plays Tony Stark’s token black friend well enough (Considering the only screen time he has totally revolves around Stark, and most of Stark’s scenes revolve around how little he seems to care about other people), and of course Gwyneth Paltrow plays Stark’s faithful, long-suffering assistant. And Stark’s workshop robot arms are the second-cutest character. Lest we forget, the Iron Man armor is so totally sweet-looking.

And not only did we get all this, but Marvel even went ahead and tied Iron Man into the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. with this movie. And we see that Stark still has some pretty big character flaws left over and his friend digs the Iron Man armor as much as I do, giving us plenty to start from for Iron Man 2. Bring it. I want it to be brung.

I am thrilled that Marvel is capable of turning a movie I don’t give a damn about into a movie I love. Everything came together (Like a plan ought to, I suppose), and it works like a charm.


  1. Well don’t forget, Rhodes does take over for Stark as Iron Man in the comics for a while. I wouldn’t call him a ‘token black friend,’ when he’s an integral part of Iron Man lore.I loved the movie too. And yes, terrists are dumb. 😛


  2. I wasn’t forgetting; in fact I made a reference to Rhodes’ role from the comics that goes something like, “And we see that Stark still has some pretty big character flaws left over and his friend digs the Iron Man armor as much as I do, giving us plenty to start from for Iron Man 2.”


  3. Yay, a new byting review!that pic rocks, Robotic Alpha-Team Rescue Force…GO!Hated how Bridges was able slip into (spoiler alert, close your damn eyes) coal powered loco suit, unassisted. totally enjoyed the movie though!


  4. So if Iron Van has to fly B. A. somewhere, does Tony Stark get B. A. drunk, or do they get The Face to knock out B. A. with sedatives?


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