Casino Royale (2006)


James Bond had been more popular than ever when <>Die Another Day<> released to theaters worldwide. In fact, despite some harsh critiques that movie became the highest grossing Bond film to date.So why dump Pierce Brosnan and, essentially, start the series over? Despite the franchise’s outstanding success the producers noticed something was definitely wrong. No spying was going on. Where was the tactical espionage action? Where were the brutal assassinations? The biggest helping of espionage in <>Die Another Day<> was an invisible car? No thank you.<>Casino Royale<> brings the franchise back to form with Daniel Craig starring in my favorite movie ever. Yes, you read that correctly. <>Casino Royale<> is an amazing action film that has some *gasp* actual espionage in it. Bond is poisoned, tortured, bamboozled, mislead, and more. This movie goes beyond the standard double crosses that pass for spy-work in every other movie.It doesn’t go for the hardcore realism the Jason Bourne movies do, but it delivers action sequences that look surprisingly real followed by Bond playing poker with the villain. There hasn’t been this much cloak and dagger since the Sean Connery years and it has been sorely missed.


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