Rush Hour 3 (2007)


<>Rush Hour 3<> (stars out of ten) is a terrible, by the numbers, generic, crappy piece of crap that crapped up movie theaters across the world. While there are some funny bits thrown in, the whole film is dragged down by pathetic acting, half-hearted action and 100 scenes inspired from 100 other movies. Chris Tucker, who has not made a non-Rush Hour film since 1997’s <>Jackie Brown<>, returns from a six year hiatus to reprise his role of Detective James Carter, the wise cracking, awkward, AFRICAN AMERICAN LOL police guy. HE IS BLACK AND SAYS FUNNY THINGS. HEY LOOK! HE’S DANCING! OH THAT JAMES CARTER, SO VERY BLACKICAN AFMERICAN. He teams up with Jackie Chan, returning as Chief Inspector Lee. Chan, one of my favorite action stars, is still remarkable for a 50+ year old man, but his stunts seem a little subdued compared to what he was once able to do. There are many enjoyable stunts, even those by Tucker, but it seems like a lot of Chan’s routines in this film fall back on the “I kick this chair in the air!” Even when he’s slowly lowering himself down walls, it seems like the old Chan would have been bouncing off them. Maybe Chan should do what Jet Li did and just focus on acting. And I know Chan can act, despite his performance here. In fact, everyone turns in a dud. It’s like even they knew this was a trite production and no one could put the effort into it. Jingchu Zhang, who is 27 but plays a 13-ish year old girl (flat-chested), is awful. Her acting is by far the worst I’ve seen all year. Brett Ratner, whose work on sappy <>The Family Man<> (2000) I actually liked, is quickly becoming one of the worst directors in Hollywood. It’s bad enough I wasted my money on last year’s <>X-Men 3<>, but to make two bombs in two years? Who does he think he is, Michael Bay?This movie sucks. It is such a bad film that it makes <>< HREF=”; REL=”nofollow”>Reno 911: Miami<><> look like an Oscar nominee. The only thing this movie is good for is a drinking game – everytime you recognize a part of it from another film, take a shot. You’ll be in the hospital before you know it. “Hey, isn’t this from <>The Godfather<>? I can’t…I can’t see anymore.”

I was sort of wondering how Jeff Nathanson, responsible for both <>The Terminal<> and <>Catch Me if You Can<>, could write this garbage. Surely it was more than the presence of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg that made those other two films loved and respected, although that was undoubtably a big part of it. Then I saw that Nathanson was one of four people involved in the script of <>The Terminal<>, and <>Catch Me<> was based on a book. That explains it – his effect was diluted.

I don’t really understand why Tucker has made only three movies in nine years, all of them Rush Hour, but if he was trying to ruin his career, he may have been successful. Even though Chan has made stuff like <>Around the World in 80 Days<> and <>The Medallion<>, he’s also made some more Hong Kong films and I would be interested to track them down and see what they’re like. I miss Sammo Hung, too, but that’s neither here nor there.

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  1. thanks for the write up! so glad I didnt have to see it; with your review I feel I have already experienced more of the movie than would have been comfortable under normal conditions. Chris was good in 5th Element also…too bad for both he and Chan that they haven’t done anything new in a long time.


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