King Kong (2005)

The joke is that Adrien Brody has a ridiculously absurd nose. It is, perhaps, the polar opposite of Michael Jackson’s nose in the nose kingdom.

For all the hoopla and money that was sunk into this newest remake of King Kong, it’s really uninspiring.

There is no easy balance between the immensely cheesy scenes and the scenes where we are supposed to feel concern for the fate of… well, anyone. The dinosaur chase scene makes me hate Peter Jackson. The T-Rex vs. King Kong scene makes me love him. The rest of the movie also makes me hate him, though, so that’s that.

OK, fine, not really. There is a ton of stuff that is done well. Visual effects are pretty good, at least as far as the monsters go. There are crazy amounts of references to the other King Kong movies. The highlight of the entire film is Andy Serkis’ role as King Kong. The action is intense, even when it’s ludicrous and making me hate Peter Jackson. Even the casting of Jack Black works out great.

But, c’mon. The movie has terrible flaws. It wastes a ton of screentime “developing” (Which was bad enough in itself) some bit characters (Also bad) that never amounts to shit because those characters all bite the dust (Which was good, except for the time the movie wastes trying to make us care about them). The humor of the film falls halfway between acceptable and unbearable cheese. The action scenes range from amazing and jaw-dropping to ridiculous wastes of time and effort. The acting ranges from Naomi Watts to Adrien Brody. It’s all just too damn hit-or-miss with me.

Definitely something you should catch in the theater if you haven’t seen it, but beyond that I’m not sure I can recommend it.


  1. That’s fuck-ing team-work! hehe nice.Easterisland statue is great too : )I agree that developing the stupid cabin boy and his ‘steward’ was painful, not necessary and I was somewhere between “who cares” and “whoopee” (spinning index finger in the air) to see them bite the dust. I dont think that was the intention of Senior Jackson. What *does* he get paid for?


  2. That’s what I like about your comics – funny even for the people who haven’t seen the films. Which is more than I can say for our rivals, Leaden Reviews!


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