Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)


As the Harry Potter movies go, this one is pretty good. It’s still vaguely incomprehensible to me since I haven’t read the books, because there’s a fair amount of stuff that left me with questions.

And I still can’t tell why the Muggles are supposedly so much stupider than wizards. Other than the flying around on sticks feat, normal people seem to have magic licked with technology. The magical spell part of the HP series has always been something I’ve struggled lazily to “get”. It hasn’t made me read the books yet, but I’m planning on doing that someday. Maybe after the last movie. I like judging the movies on their own merits, which unfortunately leaves me not being able to “fill in the gaps” that they all have.

This movie felt pretty long, except it’s only a two hour affair. It starts off slowly, but it is decently paced. The last half hour is a lot of fun. The acting is a bit better than usual, and I was impressed all the hell over by Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore in this movie, and also by Imelda Staunton in particular as his nemesis pink-loving cat-loving sugary evil horrible bitch.

Most of the things I didn’t understand looked as though they could be cut entirely out of the movie, but I’m guessing they could have been expanded upon, too, if the filmmakers really wanted me to give a crap about them. Anyway. Decent movie.


  1. I read the first and second book with Mo…I feel pretty confident that if you were to read the books they would not fill much in for you. They read as if they were written for an 8 year old, by a 12 year old. They just completely lack sophistication. I think the movies are a lot better than the books, but that is based on the first two books so perhaps (someone started ghostwriting and) they improved during the series.Wrt your comment on magix, I seriously dont get the weak ass portrayal of magic in this series. At least in this movie it seems like is more to it, more ability to do damage and…well, just more magical. They do once again get stuck on a one or two ‘spell’ rut for a lot of the movie but the starwars-esque battle scene looks more impressive.


  2. Woah woah woah, slow your roll there, pilgrim. Don’t go spreading that “The books are weak” stuff over the internet just <>willy-nilly<>. Most internet people seem to be in love with the books. Also, from what I hear, Book 3 is the weakest. You probably picked a good place to stop?People who have read the last book pretty much unanimously wonder how the hell it’s going to be adapted into a movie, which instills a good deal of confidence in me.


  3. Well, I was just saying…you know…that the books were just not as good as I had *hoped*. Yeah, thats it! I had *hoped* they would in some small way live up to the hype, or in failing that could at least be enjoyed by someone over 5 years old. My hopes were dashed. Still I suppose it is wrong of me to spread my weak minded, dare I say “muggle” point of view on the topic. Hey, so are you saying the movies will just keep getting better? I dont know if the ‘last book’ would equate to the next movie or the last movie ever. In any case, perhaps the book is complex enough to be interesting even as a book? That does sound like a great starting point for a movie!


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