Ratatouille (2007)


CHRIS: I had a chance to see <>Ratatouille<> this Monday, so I’m hijacking Jai’s spot to bring you a review. From what I saw of the previews, I thought this movie would be fairly dumb. As it turns out, it’s a funny comedy with a sufficient story, thanks in no small part to director and writer Brad Bird (<>The Incredibles, The Iron Giant<>). <>Ratatouille<> is the story of a rat named Remy that wants to become a chef, and after being separated from his clan, he meets up with a bumbling kid poorly named Linguini. Blah blah blah, plot development here, conversion of opportunities there, and the rat and the kid team up to become an amazing cooking duo. The film is lavishly made, with gorgeous graphics. This is one of the finest CGI movies to date. Pixar is head and shoulders above anyone else. I traditionally prefer hand drawn animation, but Pixar is so fantastic in their work that I cannot help but enjoy it. If I had any complaint, it’s that the food looked so delicious I was getting hungry. This film would make excellent dinner theater.The plot is somewhat silly, but it’s acceptable. Most of it can be appreciated as typical cartoon fare, although the humans cannot actually understand the rats via verbal language, which actually adds to some of the fun. While the film stuttered slightly towards the end, and obviously it’s not realistic, the film is very enjoyable. There are plenty of laughs via visual gags and even some one-liners, but on a level that can be enjoyed by both adults as well as children. The voice acting is pretty good. Any film that can mix Patton Oswalt, Brian Dennehy and Peter O’Toole together successfully has to get a tip of the cap. I don’t think <>Ratatouille<> is the best from Pixar or Bird, lacking something special to elevate it like both’s earlier, groundbreaking work. However, it is a fine, quality piece, and worthy of the Pixar name. No one should be disappointed if they decide to see this film.

JAI: I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This was a really great, fun movie.My only problem with it was in an early scene which reveals that a small house is infested with a huge colony of rats. That was totally horrifying to me, although it comes at a time where you’re supposed to be concerned <>for<> the rats. Seeing them swarm out of a house was nearly stomach-churning, because I’ve watched too many YouTube clips of actual swarms of mice infesting farms… Anyway, though, this movie was the best animated film I’ve seen in a long time. Very clever stuff, and miles removed from the failings of Cars (In my mind. Not everyone feels like Cars is Pixar’s worst movie, but I do).Also, this is one of your funniest pictures, Chris. Even if it is like you cheated to make it, it’s just so damn perfect. Good stuff.

CHRIS: Yeah, you’re right, that was disgusting. In fact, watching rats prepare food was rather unsettling, I don’t care if paws were washed, they’re still rats. Hence the comic. Glad you liked it, angel eyes ❤

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