The Dreamers (2003)


<>The Dreamers<> is a film that focuses on three young students in love with film and each other during the “heady days” of Paris in 1968. The twist of the story revolves around the idea that these youths construct their world in ways that are often at odds and oblivious to the realities of the real world. It is masterfully crafted by famous Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, who enjoyed matching up old classic films to the film’s on-screen actions. While it could be cheesy it actually comes across pretty well. The sets are also gorgeous, bringing a realism and distinct urban Parisian flair to the feature. Although Paris is only a backdrop, what we get of it is quite enjoyable. The big selling point of this film is the cast. It’s not that they’re great, it’s that they’re naked, right down to the juicy vaginal lips and floppy cock. It’s rated NC-17 due to extensive nudity, of which Bertolucci got full mileage. Perhaps he could have been more creative, but the earnest efforts of actors Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt and Eva Green (best known for her role as Vesper Lynd in <>Casino Royal<>, takes the movie away from pure shock or prurient interests and into a world of mostly believable young adults and their energy, dreams, life and love. Also, titties.


  1. CNE is going to need a fresh pair of underoos!Speaking of the Holy Tittay, I’ve sometimes wondered if there is a name for the underside of a boob that is shown hanging out of a cutoff shirt or whatnot. Not as popular a choice as the “Sideboob” in the industry of filmed media, but surely it’s prolific enough to warrant its own term? “Underboob”? Er, um, what I mean to say is… Nudity is always tasteful and I can’t help but admire such uncompromising artistic vision, hoorah and hoo-hah and so on and so forth. That’s totally what is going on in my head. 😦


  2. The third act got really sloppy; probably sloppier than the scene where Eva starts her period in the bathtub. But she has a fantastic rack. Thanks to IFC for showing this film unedited one night when I was sleeping on the couch.


  3. Yes, it absolutely did fall apart towards the end. It was cruising along until it needed to conclude, and it was basically “let’s orgy and then become socialists, but more of the throw rocks kind.” The political undercurrent was barely touched upon in the second half of the film, except to tack on a finale. It would have been better if Matthew just said, “Yep, I sure had a lot of sex in Paris. The end. P.S. – My friends joined a riot and I never saw them again, but sometimes I still sniff my fingers and think of Isabelle.”


  4. That sounds like something you’d eat with a hotdog. Well, to me. Since I know nothing about the German language (except that “boot” does not have anything to do with shoes).Still… kind of sexy. In a brusque, German-y way. It makes me think of the sexy blonde Nazi from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Wow, went off on a tangent, there. Sorry.


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