Déjà Vu (2006)

It’s like a lame time-travelling movie… all over again!

Yes, that helmet is way too big. But, let’s face it… Denzel had some big shoes to fill if he was gonna try to use that thing, and you know what they say about people with big shoes — they have big hats, too.

So, Déjà Vu. Here’s a quick Pros vs. Cons list, for your mild edutainment:


  • Good pacing
  • Denzel Washington is a good actor
  • Um


  • Time travel proves, yet again, to be a sure-fire way to introduce huge continuity errors into your film
  • Denzel is starting to annoy me with his little “I’m a good actor, watch me cough or eat or pick my nose or do other normal things in the middle of my lines all the time” deal. I might be able to explain that better, but I’m not going to do it in the here and now. Needless to say, the way he acts stands out from the way the other actors… act. This is good, but bad. Y’know?
  • A big-screen monitor somehow projects a laser beam through a wormhole into the future. While the wormhole business is alright and you can’t have the movie without it… the monitor is just a monitor. You can’t jump into the screen and turn up in the future in the place the screen depicts. That was probably the most retarded thing in the entire movie.
  • There is a remote pack designed for the use of viewing the future through the aforementioned wormhole – this is basically a helmet with goggles and a switch, with wiring and techobaubles all over it. The people who head the wormhole project make it clear that this helmet is amazingly complex, and anyone wanting to use such a device would probably have to have some amazing training that has been given to only a couple of guys that they know of. Those guys aren’t available, unfortunately, but Denzel is not one to twiddle thumbs just because someone says he can’t do something!
  • Denzel’s character kills a bunch of innocent people by driving crazily (in a Hummer) after an image from the future he can see in the aforementioned goggles. This little ditty completely glossed over and ignored by the movie.
  • Lame ending
  • Movie has utterly nothing to do with déjà vu, unless you’ve already seen the movie and are watching it again

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